Engagement Rings for Under $6,000.00

6000 dollars engagement ring

It is entirely possible to find a beautiful engagement ring for under $6,000.00. Where, you ask? And why should you stick to a certain price to begin with? More on all this below. Read on!

Why Stay Under $6,000.00?

The prices for an engagement ring may seem astronomical at first, but it is actually not the biggest expense you will face after deciding to get married. There are other important matters, like renting or buying a house perhaps, a honeymoon, an entire wedding, and much more to pay for. The last thing that you need to do is to spend all that cash on one item – a ring. Staying sensible is the key to getting what you want at a good price.

Another reason is that it is not really necessary to go over this price range in order to find something incredible. Really, with a few thousand you can find something of both high quality and pretty design. So why spend more than you need to?

Where to Look?

$6,000 is a pretty good number, and you will have many options. But if you want to get a great deal and potentially save even more, we recommend looking online. There are some incredible items to be found and they are both beautiful and affordable. Another idea is to buy second hand. If you know anyone you can buy a ring from, ask them about it.

They may cut you a deal. You can also check the web for sites that specialize in previously worn rings and jewelry. Pawn shops may be worth looking into, as well, though that would require some more careful research on your part before attempting it. You are sure to find something great! But let’s take a deeper look into online stores. There’s a few that we recommend, and we have some samples to back it up.

Blue Nile has a wonderful selection of gems. Check out this gorgeous piece that is available for only $5,200! It is a great item for those who are into the glamour of old Hollywood and love the halo look.

engagement rings diamond six thousand dollars

Another great site is James Allen. This little beauty of rosy pink and sparkling diamonds can be had for just over $4,000.00! You will love the attention to detail and uniqueness of the design.

Let’s not forget about White Flash, also a great business for finding engagement rings. They have a gorgeous set that we think you’ll love, and all for much less than $4,000.00! The wrap of gems around the band and the great quality middle stone make this the perfect ring.

And yet another hidden gem is Brilliant Earth. They have a sweet, simple design that is naturalistic and puts one in the mind of fairies and rain forests all at once. The best part? You can purchase it for less than $2,000.00.

What Else to Remember?

Take several days, months, or weeks to make your selection. Consider every option before deciding on one. Look at lots of prices so you know what you’re up against. And then start seriously shopping.

Also, try to save up all the money needed for the ring beforehand. There is no sense in putting yourself in a bad position by putting the ring on a credit card. You will feel better if you work hard for the money, then put it to good use buying the jewelry. And then you won’t have that hanging over your head while trying to plan a wedding!


Now, you know much more about buying a ring for less than $6,000.00, where to look, and what else to look out for as you do so. On a final note, be safe by having insurance and regular maintenance for the ring. You want it, like your relationship, to last a lifetime!

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