Market Handmade Jewelry for the Prom

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Prom Goers Need Unique Jewelry!

As prom season rolls around, teenagers focus on picking out the dresses and accessories that will help make their prom night memorable. You can be a part of the fun and sell more handmade jewelry at the same time!

I would suggest locating a boutique in your area that specializes in selling prom dresses. Ask the owner if she’d like to host a special “get ready for the prom” party with you to help promote her dresses and your handmade jewelry.

If she has a storefront, you could host this special event in her store and give you a commission for sales of your jewelry to pay for your portion of the space. She could advertise the event through her store while you could promote the event via flyers placed in high visibility locations, free publicity, as well as direct contact with all of the high schools in your area.

On the evening of the party, you could have light refreshments such as hot tea and a light dessert. I would recruit some girls from the high schools to model prom dresses along with your jewelry. You could even have a mini fashion show on the evening of the event!

The girls would have an opportunity to try on a wide variety of prom dresses and have them coordinated with your handmadejewelry. You and the store owner would circulate around and provide help in selecting the dresses and jewelry. Be sure to take some photos of the girls in the dresses having a great time so you can use it your next “get ready for the prom” promotion.

Not only should this generate sales of both the prom dresses and your jewelry, it will also give your jewelry lots of free publicity. Be sure to give business cards to all the girls as they leave and let them know you do custom orders if they should need a handmade piece of jewelry for a special occasion. Also, encourage them to visit your website for more great handmade jewelry. Encourage sales by offering a 10% discount if they order from your website in the next 7 days.

The fashion show concept is an idea you could potentially carry out any time of the year in conjunction with a boutique in your area. They would provide the clothing and you supply the jewelry. It could be marketed as a fun night out “just for the girls” and a chance to keep abreast of the upcoming clothing and jewelry trends. Add a few refreshments and some upbeat music playing in the background and you have the prescription for a successful jewelry marketing event.

Give this marketing idea a try. Not only is it potentially lucrative, but also lots of fun!

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