Market Jewelry to Local Offices & Businesses

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You can build up quite a following this way!

Here’s a quick idea for marketing more handmade jewelry. Do you have friends and family who work in offices? If so, you might want to consider having them be your “handmade jewelry rep”. Here’s how it works:

1. Take a shallow box that has a top and line the inside of both the top and the box with black velvet. Line the outside of the box with some luscious fabric.

2. Find a friend or family member who works in an office that has alot of female workers, the larger the better. Ask your friend if she’d like to earn some extra money and free jewelry by showing your jewelry at her job site. Let he know you’ll provide her with everything she needs.

3. If she agrees, offer to give her 20% commission on any item she sells at work from your collection. You can also offer her a free pair of earrings if she sells a certain amount.

4. Label the handmade jewelry that you wish to sell with a stock number and price then place the pieces into the velvet lined box you made in #1. Prepare some sheets for special orders.

5. Let your friend take this box with her to the office to show her fellow workers on their lunch hour. (be sure this is allowed at her work site). Since you may only have one of a particular item, have her use the special order sheets to take orders for you.

6. You fulfill the orders and give your friend her commission and free earrings.

I’ve always found offices to be very enthusiastic buyers of handmade jewelry. This isn’t surprising since the employees have limited time to shop. Why not bring the shopping to them?This can work particularly well around the holidays and can be a continuous revenue source for you. Have your friend show your new pieces every two weeks or so and build up a loyal following.

Pretty soon employees will come to you first for their gift giving needs as it’s far easier to purchase from you than try to go to the shopping mall on their lunch hour. This type of marketing frees you up to do what you do best. Make and design jewelry!

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Have a great weekend!