What is a Pave Diamond Ring and What are the Best Designs?

diamond ring with sidestones - 订婚戒指

Diamonds are an amazing and versatile accessory, and owning a diamond ring will never go out of style. And there are some styles that are simply the best of the best. They are not only unique and beautiful, but also give a little something extra. These are called pave rings. What are they, and what styles are best?

Read on for more information on this incredible design.

What is a pave diamond ring?

A pave ring is a French term, and if the French are known for one thing, its style. A pave ring is a type of creation that emits more shine than most other designs. Many tiny diamond stones are set close together on the ring, with little space. When it is finished, the entire item is full of light and sparkle, and no matter which way you look, the ring is diamond covered. Another way to remember this design is that the jewelry is similar to a road that has been covered, or paved, with gems. In fact, “pave” (pa-ve) is originally French and is translated as, “to pave”.

French pave

The French style for pave is slightly different. The regular pave setting features tiny stones that are bonded to the band using little bits of metal between them. It keeps them from falling out. However, with the French setting, little incisions are made in the band in a V pattern, and then the stones are placed. They look incredibly close together this way. It further accentuates shine.

How do I know if it’s for me?

Do you have a bit of a flair for the dramatic? Are you in love with anything that glitters? The pave design is a perfect fit for those who love to stand out in the crowd, or really enjoy having that extra glamour. They can also be extremely classy, so you really can’t go wrong with a pave diamond ring.

How much does it cost?

When dealing with a piece entirely filled with shimmering diamonds, this is probably one of the first questions that needs to be answered. On the Blue Nile website, you can find an extremely simple pave ring with no center stone for a little over $1,000.00. Obviously, the prices go up from there. Beware that the fanciest ones on some sites with an excellent center stone can skyrocket to around $9,000.00 or higher. It costs to have something that fancy.


The great thing about a pave is that it is both luxurious and durable, because diamonds are very hard. It is a ring that is built to last, for sure. Definitely a great option for nearly all tastes and fashions.

Another amazing thing is that the added sparkle means that the center stone does not have to be as large, and the ring will still look expensive and classy. The shine gives it a unique flair.

Last, there are plenty of options when it comes to a pave ring. The internet and retailers alike cater heavily to this style, and you should have no problem locating the jewelry item of your dreams.


With all these little stones, if they are not properly placed, you may lose one. It is certainly a good idea to ensure that you can have proper maintenance and replacements done on this item.
Also, depending on your line of work, it may not make sense to have all those stones in a practical day to day setting. If you are worried about snags, the best thing to do is get a ring style that does not involve any heightened settings for the stones.

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diamond ring 6 prongs design

What about other settings?

There are other settings besides a pave that you may want to consider. Silver, white gold and regular gold are others that are quite common. Having a sleeker surface could be a good idea if you have a center stone that you really want to stand out.

If you just love that two-carat diamond and it’s the perfect shape, it may not need anything else. On the other hand, perhaps you think that the pave, with all the extra bling, will only add to the element of glam that the ring already has. Then a pave setting would be a good move. You can even get a small circle of stones put in as a halo around the center stone, which would look lovely.

Where can I look for a pave ring?

Blue Nile

This is a great source for finding the perfect ring. They have amazing options. A great one is a style with a French pave, and a round diamond over a carat in weight. The cost is reasonable, at $8,452.00.

James Allen

Let’s not stop with the first one! Plenty of incredible designs await at James Allen. Their site is easy to use even for beginners looking for their first ring. A gorgeous style we recommend is the rope engagement ring. The setting is perfect in all its detail. The best part is, you choose the stone separately, so it’s exactly what you want.

White Flash

And the great styles just keep coming, so let’s look at some more on a site like White Flash. If you are looking for different, bold, fresh and stunning, this is the ring for you. The thick band blends perfectly with the shining center stone and lovely pave design on the sides.

Brilliant Earth

We aren’t done yet! Brilliant Earth is such a great site that we have two designs to look at from their company. The first is a gently sloping and sparkling design, featuring a lovely pave setting that certainly exudes elegance.

One more fantastic example, that could turn into a fantastic buy, is also located on the Brilliant Earth site. The Cordoba ring setting is a complicated pattern of twists and shining droplets, mixed into a beautiful circlet.

What about keeping things simple?

If you love the idea of a pave ring, but would love even more to not pay a fortune for it, we have a couple settings that would be perfect for you. Maybe you enjoy a little sparkle but would rather not have a massive stone on your finger.

Enjoy the understated style that puts these rings in the category of classy and well worth it.

pave diamond rings

How do I present a pave ring to someone?

If this is an engagement ring, congratulations! You will obviously need to plan a very special moment for your proposal, and ensure that you pick the right time to ask for your significant other’s hand in marriage. Then there is the matter of the ring itself. Pave rings are well-liked by nearly everyone, so she will certainly love it.

When you can, explain to her a little about the design and how you arrived at the idea of purchasing one for her. Make sure that when you pick out the style, it looks like something she will enjoy wearing. Then you can tell her you thought very hard about which ring to buy, and finally settled on this style because it was so well-suited for her.


Pave rings, either classic or French styles, are designed to show the beauty of rows and rows of diamond without interruption. They have been a source of constant fascination for years, and likely have a long and successful future in the diamond and ring industry.

When you are going to purchase a pave ring, do adequate research so that you will be prepared when making a selection. Ensure that the center stone is of excellent quality, and that the smaller gems sparkle and hit the light the way that you want them to.

Check out Blue Nile, James Allen, White Flash, or Brilliant Earth for excellent deals online. You will likely find several that you appreciate from their wonderful selections. Take your time and search for several days or longer when you are working towards an expense like a pave ring. Remember to have fun during the process, and you are sure to find the perfect design!