diamond ring with sidestones

What is a Pave Diamond Ring and What are the Best Designs?

Diamonds are an amazing and versatile accessory, and owning a diamond ring will never go out of style. And there are some styles that are simply the best of the best. They are not only unique and beautiful, but also give a little something extra. These are called pave rings….

prom jewelry

Market Handmade Jewelry for the Prom

Prom Goers Need Unique Jewelry! As prom season rolls around, teenagers focus on picking out the dresses and accessories that will help make their prom night memorable. You can be a part of the fun and sell more handmade jewelry at the same time! I would suggest locating a boutique…

6000 dollars engagement ring

Engagement Rings for Under $6,000.00

It is entirely possible to find a beautiful engagement ring for under $6,000.00. Where, you ask? And why should you stick to a certain price to begin with? More on all this below. Read on! Why Stay Under $6,000.00? The prices for an engagement ring may seem astronomical at first,…

diy jewelry

Market Jewelry to Local Offices & Businesses

You can build up quite a following this way! Here’s a quick idea for marketing more handmade jewelry. Do you have friends and family who work in offices? If so, you might want to consider having them be your “handmade jewelry rep”. Here’s how it works: 1. Take a shallow…